5 week old Coco Coco

Coco has a beautiful feminine head with the desirable diamond wrinkle, a good coat, good length of neck flowing nicely into her shoulders, good feet, a single curl with good tail set & shelf & fantastic reach & drive. When Coco is moving around the ring (or even just the backyard) she looks as if she owns the place, full of attitude and courage; nothing fazes her although in reality she is a bit of a marshmallow & just loves her cuddles & home comforts.

Australian Champion Afrikenji Sahara Gold

Date of birth 10.7.2000

Health Information

EYES: AVA/ANKC ACES - Normal Optic nerves,minor ppm remnants
Hips - 1:2 Total=3 Excellent
Thyroid: Normal
TgAA Negative
Coco is 16.5 inches tall

Victoria Australia

Coco was our keeper from a very small litter of only 2 puppies where both puppies gained their championships with ease. Coco was a multi BOB winner with many Class in Group and Class in Show awards. The highlight of Coco's time in the ring was winning the Reserve Bitch Challenge (Best Bitch 2) at the Basenji Club Of NSW Specialty Show under Mr. Ron James (U.K) in 2005

Many thanks to Annette for giving Coco a wonderful loving home after she retired from the showring!

Coco is the dam of:
  • BIS Int, Rom, It Ch, ItJCh, SMJCh, ZW-07 Afrikenji Summa Tango
  • Afrikenji Shani Summa
Ch Afrikenji Sahara Gold

Ch Afrikenji Sahara Gold - Reserve Bitch Challenge (BB2) / Best Australian Bred In Show at the Basenji Club Of NSW Specialty 2005


Coco 2nd Place Intermediate Bitch BCONSW Specialty

Ch Afrikenji Sahara Gold

Ch Afrikenji Sahara Gold

Coco's Pedigree

Coco's Pedigree