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Articles For Judges:

Judging The Basenji | By Marianne Klinkowski

Judging Basenjis: By Doreen Duffin

Basenji Breed Standard

Go here to see a Video about the Basenji

A valuable research resource for Basenji breeders. The site lists DNA results of ALL Fanconi & PRA-BJ1 tested Basenjis
Created & Maintained by Sally Wallis (Zande Basenjis U.K)

Basenji Friends:

Bulldobas Basenjis- Finland
Home to Afrikenji Kisaria & Co-owner of Afrikenji Hot Sumabreeze

Hi-Lite Basenjis - Finland
Home to Afrikenji Hot Sumabreeze - Finland

Kingwanas Basenjis - Norway

Momba Tonga Basenjis - Italy

Kikongo - Canberra/ NSW, Australia

Bayenzi Qld - Australia

Langarni Basenjis - Tasmania, Australia

Ngozi Basenjis - New South Wales, Australia

Basenji Clubs Around The World

Basenji Club Of Victoria - Australia

Basenji Club Of New South Wales - Australia

Hound Club Of Victoria- Australia

Finnish Basenji Club

Basenji Club Of Norway

Basenji Club of Great Britain

Basenji Club of America

Basenji Owners & Breeders Association

Basenji Club Of Canada

Swedish Basenji Club

Basenji Club of Germany

Information and Behavioural Training:

Positive Dog Training - Highly recommended for Basenji training

Karen Pryor Clicker Training - Great method for training Basenjis

More Positive Dog Training Techniques

Train Your Dog To Relax For Nail Clipping - YouTube
All of our dogs love having toe nails clipped or dremelled and actually line up waiting for their turn.
I have found holding the Basenji in my lap to cut or dremel nails is the most comfortable for myself as well as the dog.

Nail clipping the easy way - YouTube
Another fun method teaching your dog to enjoy nail trimming using his meal as the treat.

Basenji Behaviour And The Human Response

Dog proof your kids!

Dog crates - Why Essential ?

Zande Basenjis - U.K. - Living with Basenjis

Mafail Ya Basenji-The Basenji Files - Large Basenji Reference Site


Rou's Page - Rou's tips for Basenjis

Basenji Quirks by Chey Miller - USA

Basenji Web - Breeders, Puppies, Rescue

Informative Health Links:

Basenji Thyroid Information

Fanconi Syndrome

Eye Disorders

The Truth About Vaccines