Multi BIS, Multi BISS, Australian Supreme Champion Afrikenji Hot Sumaknight
Sunny's: Specialty Critiques

Dr. Ron James U,K (Jasmorne Basenjis)

2005 SpecialtyBEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW - Basenji Club NSW 2005 ... Entry 137
“In my opinion this 16 months red and white male is a world class exhibit of super type and quality. So very pleasing to go over with a super head, eye and expression, he is masculine in appearance with ample bone and substance and most importantly the graceful appearance which so typifies the breed. His condition and presentation was faultless and he was moved at the optimum pace to show off his typical side gait. Delighted to be able to award him the Dog CC and Best In Show award in this very strong entry”.

Ben Reynolds-Frost (Sin Basenjis) U.K

2008 SpecialtyBEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW - Basenji Club Victoria 2008
Taken from U.K Kennel Gazette 2011 - Judges Choice article:
“In 2008 I was chosen to judge the Basenji Club Of Victoria in Australia. At this show I found the greatest Basenji I had ever judged to date in the form of "Aust Gr Ch Afrikenji Hot Sumaknight". He was just mind blowing, a chestnut/white dog, I was unable to fault. He fitted the standard to perfection. Needless to say he has won everything in his path and has recently been retired.”

Mrs Kay Eldred (Jebelmarra Basenjis) Australia

Dog CC Runner Up In Show2009 Dog Challenge, BOS & Runner Up In Show BCOV Specialty
“A fine-boned elegant Red & White dog displaying balance and very good type. His length of coupling gave him an excellent swinging stride on the move. Proud head carriage added to the overall look which gave him a winning edge. Dog CC & RUBIS ”

Glen Dymock U.K (Afrika Basenjis)

“Top quality dog of very good type & balance, wedgy head, used his ears well, excellent fine skin & coat, rock-hard topline, deep chest. Excellent shelf & tail, long second thigh, moved with drive.”

Sally Wallis (Zande Basenjis) U.K

2008 SpecialtyBEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW - Basenji Club Victoria 2012
Veteran Dog 7 – 10 Yrs-
“These older dogs can still show the youngsters how to move ! As soon as this man came into the ring he caught my eye and when he moved around the ring he didn’t disappoint. Sound and true. I’m sure these words have been used time after time to describe this worthy Champion. Good front reach, drive, correct free swinging gait. OK, so with age he has slightly weaker pasterns but the overall balance, condition and movement of this dog made him undisputed Top Dog – Challenge Dog - Best of Breed / Best in Show”


Sunny movingMr Magnus Hagstedt Sweden
2006 BCNSW Opposite Intermediate In Show
“Red / white, dry elegance, smooth balanced outline, excellent coat, has a nice carriage and is very eye catching and stylish”.

Mrs Barbara Binder (USA)
Opposite OPEN IN SHOW - Shortlisted for Challenge - 2010 BCOV
“Lovely head, good feet and pasterns, close silky coat”.


Best In Show

Photo: Perry Heaton
Sunny won Best In Show at the Basenji Club Of Victoria Open Specialty Show in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009; every time he was shown! This photo was taken in 2008

Royal Runner Up In Group

At the 2009 ROYAL MELBOURNE SHOW Sunny was awarded BEST EXHIBIT IN GROUP 2nd under Dr. John Reeve-Newson of Canada

Best Interstate Bred In Show

Basenji Club Of New South Wales Specialty - Best Interstate Bred In Show

Sunny at 16 mths

Sunny at 16 months old. Photo taken shortly after wining his first Best of Breed at the Royal Melbourne Show & his first Best In Show Specialty

Best In Specialty Show 2008

Best In Specialty Show
Basenji Club Of Victoria 2008 Judge, Mr Ben Reynolds-Frost (U.K - Sin Basenjis)
Its a pity that is was such a windy day which made getting a photograph of the occasion very difficult but we did our best while Sunny was too busy sniffing all the lovely smells carried on the wind - well he is a hound afterall!

Best In Show 2nd

Sunny winning Best In Show 2nd (RUIS) at the 2008 Vic. Hound Club Championship Show under Mr U.Peiler (Ireland) & Mr S.Makaritos (Greece)